Love Poetry Resources

15 Feb

Some tips on a few different poem types, courtesy of Sonya!!

Writing a Villanelle:

  • 5 Tercets (Stanzas with three lines)
  • 1 ending Quatrain
  • First and third lines of the poem are repeated in later stanzas in this pattern:

Line 1           Line 4                      Line 6            Line 8              Line 10         Line 12

Line 2           Line 5                      Line 7            Line 9              Line 11         Line 13

Line 3           Line 1 (repeated)   (Line 3)        (Line 1)           (Line 3)        (Line 1)

                                                                                                                                 (Line 3)

Villanelle Examples:

Sylvia Plath, “Mad Girl’s Love Song:”’s-Love-Song

Elizabeth Bishop, “One Art:”


Writing a Sonnet:

  • Shakespearean:
    • 14 Lines: 3 Quatrains, 1 ending couplet
    • Rhyme Scheme– abab cdcd efef gg
  • Petrarchan:
    • 14 Lines: 1 Octave, 1 Sestet
    • Rhyme Scheme– abbaabba cdecde

Sonnet Examples:

William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 18:”

Rita Dove, “Hades’ Pitch:”


Writing an “Unconventional Poem:”

  • Anything goes!
  • Experiment with the look of the words on the page
    • Experimenting with sound and rhythm through visuals
    • Break grammar conventions to produce a particular effect

“Unconventional” Examples (only one because I got lazy)

  1. e. cummings, “[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]:”


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