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Write-it Wednesday! — “Three Fictional Characters Walk into a Bar. . .”

29 Jul

Actually no, but they do walk into a restaurant. Choose a cast of characters, yours or not, and sit them down to dinner.  How much of their characterization and personalities can you get across through the food they order?

An alternative title might be “Salad or Steak.” Does the big beefy guy order a stake and the petit woman a salad, or is it the other way around? He’s watching his calories because he’s the best man in his friend’s wedding next month, and childhood Sundays watching her father man the grill taught her the delights of a perfectly cooked steak.

Or something like that.

Grab yourself a snack and have at it!

The Avengers is Really That Good

27 Jul

Check out this awesome video that attempts to dissect why Avengers is such a good and beloved movie, how its structure works, and how it plays a surprising and interesting meta card to earn the audience’s investment.

Oh, and it’s also a 3/4 hour long love letter to The Avengers. 

So go on, let yourself be awash in that geeky glow as you and your movie spend almost an hour being praised and validated, and all while you relive all of the moments that made you love it so much in the first place!

(Then check out his review of Age of Ultron for an interesting analysis of why AoU should have been better by all accounts, but just . . . wasn’t.)

Write-it Wednesday #7 — Just the Normal Noises

22 Jul

Everyone’s version of ‘normal’ is a little bit different. Write about an unusual characteristic of your family, town, or friend group. Why quark, tradition, or inside joke feels normal to you, but very strange to an outsider?


Select a character and make one up. A warning though, special ticks like this really need to have a story behind them and create a sense of history between the characters who share it. This seems like a very easy place to feel like you’re trying to hard. If you can make a reader feel like they’re a part of something unique, you’ve done your job.

(Prompt from Writer’s Digest)

Write-it Wednesday #6 — Core Memories

1 Jul

So I saw Pixar’s Inside Out last night, sorry in advance. In the movie, each character has a small number of what are called Core Memories, specific, important memories that trigger the formation of one aspect of their personality.

Select a character (yours or not) and consider what some of their core memories might be. What are the defining moments in their life that shaped who they are? Which personality trait does each one represent?

Bonus: Select a cast of characters and align them to the Inside Out emotions (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust).

Bonus Bonus: Repeat until you run out of shows.