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30 Apr

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Happy Birthday! (To your darlings)

30 Apr

Party day is here, everybody!

Remember! We’re meeting in the regular room at 4pm (with an indefinite end time) to celebrate the hard work we’ve all put into our projects over the year(s). It’s going to be a blast, so come and enjoy music and games arranged by your fabulous e-board! Hope to see you there!

Election Info

17 Apr

Hey y’all. Soon we’ll be having elections to decided next year’s E-Board. The positions are as follows:

  • President — runs meetings, plans topics, generally maintains order. Also responsible for inter-club communication and coordination with the rest of the Literary Society
    • Must have served on the E-board for at least one year to run for president.
  • Vice President — assists the president
  • Treasurer — responsible for club finances
  • Secretary — takes meeting notes, assists with blog and social media maintenance
  • Event Coordinator — plans field trips and other club events
  • External Coordinator — works with other groups on and off campus, like Grub Street


If you’re interested in running for a position, please let the current E-board know at the next meeting, or email

Elections will take place on the final club meeting, April 27th.

Writing Submission Opportunity

13 Apr

Hey guys, we got this message on our Facebook page, and I thought I’d pass it along if anyone’s interested

Hi! I am a BU grad (2010) who recently started a new project with a few writers and artists called “It’s Not Personal.” We are currently looking for art and writing submissions inspired by the female dating experience. The final project will be either a book or zine; we are looking to wrap everything up by the fall (and will be hosting a launch event in NYC!). Would any of your members be interested in submitting? Submissions can be emailed to I’m happy to answer any questions. We just started an Instagram as well: Thank you for your time!