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My one prompt

16 Feb

So last week, I came up with this when we were doing prompts for a love scene. The piece of paper I pulled from the hat said “Theme park” and that immediately conjured the image of a regular young couple at a theme park. I thought this image was a bit simple and I sought to undermine any sense of normality in the premise. And I came up with this. I’m still writing more of it. I don’t know where it’s going, but that’s the fun of writing it!


I’m at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Crowds bustle as children and parents hurry from attraction to attraction. My wife and kids are waiting on line for a certain ride on the other side of the park so I told them I’d catch up with them later. My excuse? I’m not feeling well. A rush of adrenaline surges through me as I pass the true love of my life in the arms of another man. I’ve felt this way since childhood and I doubt these feelings will ever wither. With no other choice, I get on line so we can have a picture together.

I naturally stand out. Children decked out in Disney merchandise wait in front and behind me. I’m by myself wearing khaki shorts, blue fuck-me crocs, and a plaid short sleeved shirt. As the line moves forward, my anger swells. What does he think he’s doing with his arm wrapped around my love’s shoulder? That shit won’t fly when it’s my turn to have a picture taken.

At long last, I’ve reached the front of the line. An employee gives me a stare and asks me “So you want your picture taken with Tigger and Pooh?” The annoying fuck put an extra emphasis on the word “you” in an attempt to shame me. I’ve spent our whole vacation fantasizing about this moment and I’m not gonna let him take it away from me. I walk up to Tigger and Pooh. I stand in between them and wrap my arm around Pooh’s shoulder. Tigger tries to do the same to me, but I gently push him aside with my hand. He tries again. I push him aside yet again. I think to myself “He’s fucking mine, Tigger.” Tigger finally gives in and moves out of the shot. To claim my victory, I slightly rest my head on Pooh’s shoulder. Oh, boy it’s so soft and heavenly. Just like the Pooh stuffed animal I had as a kid. This moment is perfect. I tap on Pooh’s shoulder and meet his eyes. I slip him a small piece of paper and wink. The paper has my phone number and our hotel room on it. Pooh takes the paper without reading it.

“Ok. The picture’s been taken.” the photographer said this but it didn’t register with me. “Picture’s taken” Again, this fails to register. “PICTURE’S TAKEN!” His yell startles me shitless and I jolt. I lift my head, walk away from Pooh, and mutter “You didn’t have to be so rude about it” as I pass the photographer. People gawk at me in disgust, but I don’t care. It’s time to buy my picture.


Love Poetry Resources

15 Feb

Some tips on a few different poem types, courtesy of Sonya!!

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Romance Prompts

12 Feb

…feat. what’s essentially fanfiction written for my own characters? Either way, I kind of wanted to post these because I was pleased with how they turned out. So why not. Characters are from a fantasy story I’m still just plotting out at the moment.

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Boskone 2017

8 Feb

Howdy!! So, as we’ve mentioned, the Boskone Sci-fi/Fantasy convention is next Friday, the 17th with free events from 2-6PM. Think about when you want to get going–we can go in separate groups depending on when people get out of class/how many classes people are skipping–and we can plan accordingly.

Right now the plan is to meet at the watermelon in Kenmore (an electric box painted like a watermelon for anyone new to Boston) and leave around 2. It takes around 40 minutes to get all the way to the Westin Waterfront Hotel, where Boskone is held.

Additionally, for anyone interested, the student price for a three-day ticket is $40, and for a single day it’s $25. If you want to attend some panels after 6PM you might want to think about a student ticket.

Here’s the link to the program of events:

Bon voyage!


Boskone Outing

2 Feb

Hi, everyone! As I said in club on Wednesday, if there is enough interest, we could go to the sci fi/fantasy convention Boskone on Friday, Feb. 17, which is free to the public from 2-6pm. I myself have to be back on campus for a thing at 7pm.

Panels start at 2, so I would suggest we leave BU at 1, possibly slightly earlier, if we go as a group. If you have class, or none of the 2 o’clock panels interest you, you can certainly come whenever you feel like it. It is a little difficult to get to the location, the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, so if you decide to go on your own I can help you with directions! 🙂

Here is the schedule {remember, free only goes until 6 – meaning you can’t attend the 6 o’clock panels – even though I really want to! 😦 }:

Think about it over the week and at club next week let me know if you’re interested so we can get details together!

Have a great week! 😀    -Sarah

Romance Resources

1 Feb

Emma put this together, but I’m posting. Enjoy!


Hello, lovelies!

Tonight we’re talking ~love~ and relationships! Here are some fun resources about writing romance! (The blogs they come from are fantastic troves of writing resources in general and definitely worth a peruse in general)

TV Tropes list of love tropes! As comprehensive as can be expected from TV Tropes (so pretty darn comprehensive)

The romance tag from my personal favorite writing advice source, writing-questions-answered on tumblr!

A summary of Stendhal’s Stages of Romance from thecharactercomma on tumblr! Describes the stages in the development of romantic emotions. Could be useful for keeping a romance subplot on track!

“Quick Tips for Adding Romance to Your Story” from author Kris Noel! Three solid tips about the role of romance in fiction.

“Love triangle problems” from the fantastic blog, the-right-writing over on tumblr.

Where do you look for (romantic) writing advice? Share your favorite advice in the comments!

Cheers, Emma