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by Jonathan Lynn
Whodunnit, Comedy
Movie (based on the board game)
Recommended by: NerdyWordyOverlord
This movie is an absolute gem. It features some of the biggest names from 80s comedy–Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, Christopher Lloyd, and more–and an eccentric adaptation of the famous boardgame. A fun blend of verbal humor and slapstick comedy, this is one of the most quotable movies I’ve ever seen. Subtitles not recommended, as the quips fly so fast the subs don’t keep up! If you have any interest in 80s comedy or A+ dialogue, do yourself a favor and check out Clue.


by Richard Donner
Action, Adventure
Recommended by: Kate
Can I just say “because it’s great”? Ok, I’ll elaborate a bit more. This 80s movie has a cool storyline, solid characters, witty/funny dialogues and a fantastic (and very, very 80s-sounding) soundtrack. Go watch it please.


Song of the Sea
by Tomm Moore, Will Collins
Fantasy, Folklore, Kid Movie
Animated movie
For starters, the art is just beautiful. Pair that with really cute characters and a cool soundtrack, and you’ve got a great movie right there.
I’ll also add that I like how the relationship between the two main characters develops– they’re siblings who really don’t get along, and as the story goes forward they grow closer to each other, but– unlike many kids’ movies– it doesn’t happen spontaneously. It’s a process in which the characters go back and forth between getting along a bit better and not liking each other as usual, as would probably happen in real life.

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