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Happy Birthday! (To your darlings)

30 Apr

Party day is here, everybody!

Remember! We’re meeting in the regular room at 4pm (with an indefinite end time) to celebrate the hard work we’ve all put into our projects over the year(s). It’s going to be a blast, so come and enjoy music and games arranged by your fabulous e-board! Hope to see you there!


February Outing Time!

24 Feb

Hello, creative people!

It’s that time of the month again! Yes, THAT time, the time where we leave our cozy writing nooks, don our adventure caps and put on some “real” pants (because “llama pajamas aren’t acceptable outerwear, Emma.” Allegedly.) as we venture forth into the wilds of this city we call home for two thirds of the year. Coup will be meeting in Mugar 424 this Sunday, 2/28, so instead of goofing off in the Ziskind Lounge, I’ll be leading those who are interested to a secret surprise destination! Which I will disclose to you! Right now!

This coming Sunday we’ll assemble outside of 100 Bay State at 2:00 pm and walk together to the Mary Baker Eddy Library/Mapparium on Mass Ave. Admission with your student ID is $4.00.

The Mapparium is of interest to me as someone who likes to think a lot about sound when I’m writing, how silence and noise can be represented on the page in prose, poetry and graphic elements. The loose prompt for this trip will to be to think about how you use sound, how you evoke it and manipulate it and imitate it in an inherently silent medium, when you write whatever it is you write and to see if we can find any inspiration in the fascinating acoustic characteristics of the Mapparium.

The MBEL closes at 4:00 pm so this will be a nice, reasonably timed replacement for O.W.L. Make sure you bring the money for admission, something you can write with or take notes in (and possibly a little more cash because, I’m just saying, JP Licks is like, right there on our way back…)

Hope you guys can make it!



End of Semester: Time to Party!

4 Dec

Hello one and all,

That’s right, we’ve arrived (at last) at the end of the fall semester! We’ve had an absolutely wonderful time getting to know you all these past couple of months; thank you for making our club the funky, fun, and fabulous writerly hodgepodge that we all know and love.

Gushing over, let’s get down to business. And by business, I mean a party: That’s right CWC will be having a nice, relaxed, no-stress celebration on Saturday,┬áDecember 12th, 2015 at 5pm in BU Central so mark your calendars, folks. We’ll have our favorite wordy, creative board/card games (Anomia, anyone? Trust me; it’s a blast) and probably most likely sweets and treats. If you’d like to contribute an appropriate game and/or consumable food item, feel free to do that. We look forward to unwinding in your lovely company from the madness that the final weeks of a semester invariably bring.

If you need any more information, ask away here in the comments, on the Facebook page, through the email, or at the next meeting on 12/9.

Hope to see you there!


Boston Teen Author Festival

23 Sep

Hi All!!!

So this coming Saturday is the Boston Teen Author Festival! A bunch of you have already told me that you’d like the come with us, and tonight at N.E.W.T. it was decided when and where we will be leaving. Here are the detes:

We will be meeting Saturday morning in front of the Watermelon sign on the corner of Comm Ave and Deerfield St (think the side walk between the Kenmore classroom building and 100 Bay State; if you’re confused, email me). The festivities kick off at 10:00 a.m. We will be departing promptly @ 9:00 a.m., so please get there 5 or 10 minutes in advance. You will need money for the T fair to and from Cambridge and for food as the festival will not be feeding us. I myself will probably be bringing food with me which is always an option if you don’t feel like spending money. In addition, there will be an opportunity to buy the authors’ books, so if that interests you, make sure you bring additional money (most hardcover books cost between 17 and 25 dollars). I believe the planned events end at 4:00 p.m. and there will be an opportunity to get books signed by the authors until 4:30. If no one wants to have anything signed we will leave at 4:00 and take the T back to campus.

CORRECTION 9/24: The second round of panels end at 2:50 p.m.! So we can leave as early as 3:00 if no one is interested in the signings!

If you haven’t told me you want to go, you have until 12:00 tomorrow to email me and get on my list!

See you on Saturday!


Greetings from your Friendly, CWC Events Coordinator

7 Sep

Hello, lovely people.

I’m excited to be back, and I hope everyone else is too! Starting this semester, I’ll be planning and warmly encouraging (read: beseeching) you all to attend an assortment of fun, hopefully inspiring events and outings around Boston that will not only get us off campus but also give our imaginations a jump-start. First, let me lay out, vaguely, how this will work.

At the first CWC meeting WEDNESDAY @7pm in MUGAR 424, I will be gauging 1.) interest in a number of different events and 2.) if there is a day of the week which will work for most members, so make sure you get there and put in your two cents! Events (after September’s) will be planned at least two weeks in advance to allow word to get around and calendars to be booked. The idea is to get creative by leaving our normal haunts and to have fun out in our great city in ways that will hopefully aid our writing. If you have any suggestions for events/outings you’d love to see us try, please bring them to my attention! All and any ideas are welcome! There will generally be one off-campus event per month, the exception being in the case that we as a group attend an event not planned by yours truly.

FOR INSTANCE!!! On September 26 in the Cambridge Public Library, from 10am to 4pm, is the 4th annual Boston Teen Author Festival! This is a great opportunity for all of us to go and hear from published authors for FREE!! Yes, I said free, the magic f word. Check out their schedule and the complete list of authors who will be on the panel discussions!t Books by the guest authors will be available on site for purchase, and the festival ends with a signing for those interested. It would be prudent to bring enough money for the T ride to Cambridge, lunch, and any books you think you might want to buy. If we intend to attend as a group, I must know who will be going no later than Friday the 11th, as I must email the festival to let them know how many people we are bringing. Feel free to email me with questions/concerns or, alternatively, ask me at this weeks CWC meeting.

See you all Wednesday!