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All New Miss Marvel
by G. Willow Wilson
Superhero, Marvel, YA
Ongoing series
recommended by NerdyWordyOverlord
Since her debut last year, Kamala Khan has already become one of the most popular of Marvel’s current characters and books–Issue #1 went into something like 14 printings. She’s a Pakistani-American teenage superhero learning to balance school, friends, religion, and her new duties as a superhero. Though actually in a lot of ways, A-N Miss Marvel is the opposite of a classic superhero story. All the elements are there, but the story is more personal, the stakes closer to home and not so galactic. Also, she’s a total fangirl and her latest Captain Marvel fanfic got 1000 upvotes of The characters are great, the story is fantastic, the use of diversity is expertly done–working as powerful asset to the story– and the art is both gorgeous and hilarious (check out those background faces).


Fantasy, Adventure
This webcomic has been going for quite a few years now and is close to ending, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The art at the beginning is simply “fine”, but as the story progresses it gets really really good– the facial expressions especially are fantastic. Aside from a very interesting magic system, what I like best about this comic is the character development, especially between the two main characters. It’s really well done and well paced, and they make the most adorkable sibling pair ever. (Link: )


Fey Winds
by Nicole Chartrand
Fantasy, Adventure, Parody
Webcomic (ongoing)
Recommended by: Kate
I’m not a parody person, but this one has me really interested. This story has a very cool balance of different storytelling elements: First of all, while it’s apparent that it’s a parody and the tone is very light-hearted, it’s serious enough to be an interesting story. Another thing is a cool parallelism between two characters that are essentially both useless dorks: as the story progresses, one of them gets more interesting and actually likeable, while the other just gets more and more ridiculous. Aside from all that, there’s some thorough world-building going on, and the author has set up a very nice section for it on her website. Also, the art– especially the colours– is just really neat. (Here’s the link if anyone’s interested: )

The author is currently changing her website, so the her cool world/history/etc. (aka world-building) section is still in the making.
Here’s the link to the new website:


Fullmetal Alchemist
by Hiromu Arakawa
Fiction, Action
This story is kinda bloody, quite complicated, and essentially really well done. There are many little subplots and an impressive amount of characters, aside from the very detailed evil master plan, and the author does a fantastic job of tying everything together and not forgetting any loose ends throughout it all. And the ending is… well, I won’t say anything to spoiler it. But I thought that it was a very appropriate ending.
Also, as we’ve mentioned during the “action scene” meeting, the characters here don’t get hurt and are spontaneously healed two pages later. When they get hurt, they really do get hurt.
To sum up, I think the author has done a really good job of balancing the heroes’ personal quest, aaaaall of the side characters, the evil master plan, and all the many many subplots that are continuously happening but that are all part of the grand scheme of things in the end.


Girl Genius
Phil and Kaja Foglio
Recommended by: The Rabbi
Crazy girl with sparks who is a family heir and crazy companions including a king of cats who can’t summon them because cats are lazy. She’s basically on a quest to save herself from her mother who can take her over from her amulet while also keeping her city safe. More details in the comic.


Tarol Hunt
Recommended by: The Rabbi
Makes fun of D and D but also has a very compelling plot.


Gunnerkrigg Court
Tom Siddell
Scifi/ Fantasy
Recommended by: The Rabbi
It covers the story of a girl who gets sent to a place called the court. There is also the forest and there is always an ongoing tension between the two. You find out more and more about their history as the comic goes on. Warning: over 50 chapters (about 26-30 pages each)




Matt Fraction and David Aja
Marvel, Superhero, Loser
22 issue series
One of the best comics to come out of Marvel in the past few years. The writing is fantastic and the art is a gorgeous example of the minimalist trend popular with Marvel right now. Like All-New Miss Marvel, it focuses more on the human aspects of the main characters, in this case well-meaning human tire fire Clint Barton and his probably superior protege Kate Bishop. They’re great. It’s great. The art is great. There’s a dog who eats pizza. Check it out.


Prague Race
Petra Erika Nordlund (Leppu)
Recommended by: Antelope
The story begins with a group of friends getting a poster from a strange little shop, which should be simple enough–save for the fact that the poster and the shop they get it from have ties to an alternate world of magical creatures and shady goings-on. The characters and the world of the comic are fantastic, and the creator’s art style really brings the story to life with its incredible lineart and dark colors with gray scale backgrounds/shading (honestly #artgoals)
It’s ongoing! Read it here if you’re so inclined:


Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples
Fantasy, not Superhero
Ongoing Series
This comic is AMAZING. It’s a non-superhero, non-Marvel, non-DC comic that sells as well as Batman. Just let that sink in for a second. It’s a fantasy about star-crossed lovers from two waring planets trying to raise their illegal mixed-race daughter. The world-building is exquisite and the art is beyond gorgeous. It’s an overall fantastic book but be aware it is most definitely NSFW.


Secret Avengers (2014)
by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh
Marvel, Superhero
15 issues series
This series is quite a trip, but it’s a fun, ridiculous ride. The writing is clever and sassy and it pulls together its seemingly unrelated plot threads in unexpected ways. It’s also pretty funny. Like Hawkeye, it’s got gorgeous minimalist art. Maybe not the best gateway into Marvel Comics, but give it a shot.


Sluggy Freelance
Recommended by: The Rabbi
Been running for 16 years or more. The plot has been planned out way in advance. Unfortunately it may be ending soon.


Stand Still. Stay Silent
Minna Sundberg
This post-apocalyptic story about a bunch of Nordic dorks out to rediscover the lost world has stunning art. And stunning character development, which is actually the main focus of the story. It’s very slow paced, but incredibly well done. If you want great character-building AND gorgeous art AND cats, then please check it out. )


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Manga; Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Drama
Whole Series (28 volumes)
The character development is tremendously good. The authors have done a fantastic job of developing the bonds that form between the characters, through the dialogues and the images alike. Also, even though the storyline is kind of complicated (and curious), the evolution of the characters is still very present.
A WARNING about the anime though– it’s a fine anime… until it changes the ending and completely trashes the character development that had been built up so carefully until then. Don’t watch the anime, unless you’ve read the manga first.

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