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1 Feb

Emma put this together, but I’m posting. Enjoy!


Hello, lovelies!

Tonight we’re talking ~love~ and relationships! Here are some fun resources about writing romance! (The blogs they come from are fantastic troves of writing resources in general and definitely worth a peruse in general)

TV Tropes list of love tropes! As comprehensive as can be expected from TV Tropes (so pretty darn comprehensive)

The romance tag from my personal favorite writing advice source, writing-questions-answered on tumblr!

A summary of Stendhal’s Stages of Romance from thecharactercomma on tumblr! Describes the stages in the development of romantic emotions. Could be useful for keeping a romance subplot on track!

“Quick Tips for Adding Romance to Your Story” from author Kris Noel! Three solid tips about the role of romance in fiction.

“Love triangle problems” from the fantastic blog, the-right-writing over on tumblr.

Where do you look for (romantic) writing advice? Share your favorite advice in the comments!

Cheers, Emma