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The World of Palgnon; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Swamp

9 Nov

Hey CWC! This is a brief (ish) summary of the world we built a few weeks ago for our worldbuilding unit.

Everyone collaborated on developing the basis for a world by selecting a genre, a general place, and a few key facts about the world. From there, we all split off into groups to work on our individual aspects.

The basic world was post-apocalyptic, although actually several hundred years after the actual apocalypse, while humanity is finishing the process of recovering. The apocalypse was caused by biological and nuclear warfare, so remaining health issues and mutated creatures are a frequent issue for the inhabitants. The area is a partially flooded swampland, and the denizens have built raised platforms and houses out from the trees to live in and travel across. The swamp is divided into city-states which are controlled by a deified dictator.

From there, things got cool!

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1 Nov

Happy NaNo/MoWriMo everybody!