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Worlds from a Hat!

18 Mar

Where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter!

I’m really intrigued by the weather world I came up with! I’d like to work on it a little more. Here are my notes, they’re pretty random. We had some pretty awesome worlds built tonight — I’d love to see the sketch of everyone else’s!

*Disclaimer: please disregard what I assume is the plethora of typos

What in the Worldbuilding?

  • Clothing style based on the weather
    • Does this mean in a practical way, or a spiritual way.
    • Types of weather:
      • Rain
      • Sun
      • Mist
      • Hail
      • Sleet
      • Tornado
      • Hurricane
      • I think I just want mundane weather
      • Wind
      • I also want five
      • Cloudy
      • Thunderstorm
    • Okay so there are five realms, along with a badlands where all the nasty weather happens.
      • In the Rain Land it’s always raining, and they wear these big ponchos with built in umbrella visors. The ponchos are clear and their clothes are different shades of blue.
      • In the sun land, it’s always sunny, and they wear yellow. Short clothes but not shorts and tee-shirts. I’m picturing more like short monk-type garb. Wrap style. Or do they wear long sleeves to shield their skin. Hats. Definitely hats.
      • Mist is gray, and their clothes are  . . . ? skin tight like a wet rain coat because mist is damp? The lighting there must be weird. Lights build into the clothes?
      • Wind is light blue, and their clothes are loose and flap around, but their faces are wrapped like the sandbenders. tight limbs with wrapped torsos, hands and faces.
      • The snow land is always snowing, and they wear furs, but maybe a little more in the Victorian sleigh ride style than Inuit. They skate around. Venice but frozen.
  • An important document
    • Hmm . . . what might this be? I’m picturing this as something like the waterbending scroll, ancient and spiritual, but not necessarily religious or political.
  • A most unique of prisons
    • Again, this is super Avatar-style, but I’m thinking of the Red Lotus’s prison cells, and the boiling rock.
    • Who is in prison?
    • First question . . . do these people have powers.
    • Ok get this:
      • The important document is an old children’s fable that used to be told everywhere but now only exists carved into a stone half-submerged Atlantis: The Lost Empire style.
      • The fable tells of the origin of the Weatherworld as its known, and how five Weather Mages set out to tame the weather and created the five zones, each with the type of weather they controlled. All of the extraneous weather was forced into the Badlands, where it rages in a permanent storm. Most on the Landers don’t know it, but inside the badlands is a prison where all of the Mage’s decedents are kept, to prevent them from learning to use their potential weather powers.
        • At this point, do they even know why they’re there?
      • I really like that, but does the Mages artificially creating the weather zones imply that they need to be harmonized and normalized again?
        • So the prison is sort of like a town, isn’t it? But its in the badlands, so its not a nice place? Are the descendants all mixed? Or are there factions? Are there factions but the girl broke them? She’s decedent from two Mages, like in recent generations?
  • An archeological dig turns up new cultural information
    • I like this idea but again I’m facing the problem of are the weather worlds not the way its supposed to be?
    • Or is the new information the original version of the fable?
    • Or is it the location of the prison, which used to be a house in the regular lands. But back to ^ problem.
  • Interesting Age Hierarchy
    • I really want to fill this in. The 12ish year olds are most revered after the elders, because that’s when Mage training would have started with the old days.