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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
by Square Enix
Fantasy RPG
Nintendo DS Game
Recommended by: Kate
If you can handle Gameboy-style graphics, then check this game out. It’s technically the sequel/spinoff to the PS2 Final Fantasy XII, but I’ve never played the PS2 game and I still really enjoyed this one, and seldom felt like I was missing out on any plot info from the other game. This game is lighthearted and very story-based, and has a really neat soundtrack. The best part in my opinion, though, is the characters. You get a ton more interaction between characters than you normally would in RPGs, especially during the “down” time between major events, and this builds up the storyline as much (or maybe even more) than the main plot points do.
Pros: the characters and dialogues, the soundtrack, and the landscape graphics (seriously, check out those background landscapes. Some of them are really neat)
Cons: the battle system is a bit clunky, and takes some getting used to. Also, the graphics are, as I’ve mentioned, kind of retro.


Heavy Rain
by Some people who make games for Xbox
horror?? detective, action
horror?? detective, action
Recommended by: Someone who clearly hates herself
If you love to punish yourself play this game or just watch a lets play of it like I did because I’m poor. It’s one of those games that are more story driven so you don’t really lose anything by not playing it yourself except that it has multiple endings depending on how well you attempt to solve the central mystery and on (gasp) which of the playable characters, if any, die along the way. Yes, you read that right: if a character dies during gampeplay, they can’t come back! You either reload from your last save or stick it out to get whichever of the million endings that leads to.

But anyway, this game centers around the mystery of the Origami Killer, a serial killer who kidnaps young children and puts them somewhere during a really rainy couple of days until they either drown from all the accumulated water or they are rescued (surprise surprise, no survivors yet). You play 4 characters: a journalist, the father of a kidnapee, the detective on the case, and a private investigator. In the game you go through a lot of trials trying to find the young boy and save him, but if you mess up he still dies and you get an aforementioned different ending.

Since I only watched it, I can’t vouch for whether it is fun to play or just fun to watch, but I am recommending it based on how it builds the story and how all the four characters and your actions shape the events that play out.

Pros: intensely creative story, characters are well developed for the most part, action is creative and top notch imo, the detective has funky gadgets.

Cons: I hate the main dad guy because he’s annoying, game can be sexist at times, random gratuitous sex scene (but you can skip it if you’re not too keen), some violence is down right sadistic and uncomfortable to watch, art can be dated at times b/c early Xbox360.

Overall, I would say watch it on Youtube and then if you feel like spending the money, purchase it later to get to see all the endings and torture yourself.

ESRB Rating: M b/c its cray

My Rating: 7 out of 10, but still highly recommended for storytelling practice.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
by Capcom
Mystery/Adventure/Legal Thriller
Trilogy (with numerous spin offs)
poison ivy
It’s a series of three visual-novel-style mystery games that were originally published on the Nintendo DS. You play as Phoenix Wright, a spiky-haired rookie defense attorney whose clients are always accused of murder for some reason. The cases against them are pretty strong, but there’s a deeper mystery hidden that you uncover by investigating the crime scene, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and putting all the pieces together in court. If you even passingly enjoy detective novels, Sherlock Holmes, puzzles, murder mysteries, CSI-type shows, etc etc etc, you will like this game.

Ace Attorney takes a lot of cues from visual novel games, so it’s largely story driven and requires a lot of reading (hopefully you guys can handle that). The games are divided into four chapters, each with a new client and a new murder mystery. There’s an overarching plot that develops throughout the game that usually comes to a head in the last case. There’s also an OVER-overarching plot which goes across all three games (but it doesn’t really make itself obvious until the third game).

The writing is FANTASTIC. The plot/pacing is great. The individual cases are incredibly intricate and frequently weave together two or three different storylines. The best part, however, is the character writing. Each character—even the minor ones who only show up for one case—looks like they could be the protagonist of their own weird anime. They all manage to have different voices and personalities, and most of them are extremely lovable (with the villains being delightfully hatable).

Also, it’s funny. Like really funny. Clever, character- and wordplay-driven and occasionally absurd humor!

If you have a device that runs iOS, there is a port available on the app store! You download an app and then buy the first three games within the app itself (the bundle of all three is $15, and I think the individual games are $7 or so). If you aren’t sure about it, you can play a trial (no pun intended) of the first game. I will also consider letting you try it out on my phone if you ask really nicely.



 Portal AND Portal2
by Valve
video game
Recommended by: the cake is a lie
It’s a series of three visual

These games are classics and if you haven’t played them then you are missing out on inside jokes and puzzle-related frustrations galore. For an example of this, see: recommender’s name.

Portal takes place in Aperture Science Research facilities, where you play the badass silent heroine Chell, who is given a portal gun and tasked with solving 20 odd tasks in Aperture’s research facilities all for the sake of advancing science. The tests are administered by the equally badass GLaDOS, a semi-sentient robot who lives and breathes SCIENCE in the extreme. She has no chill.

As you solve the puzzles, you also are treated to the nonchalant teasing and black humor that GLaDOS presents and you get to rip your hair out because the puzzles can be hella hard. Its kinda like the SATs in that you need to use your logic to solve the problems rather than rely on your factual understanding of things, if that makes sense.

Portal2 takes the story and premise of Portal and expands on it to the extreme, letting you see all the ins and outs of the game universe that weren’t explored in the original. Portal has around 10-15 hours of gameplay while Portal2 takes (at least for me) 20-25 hours to finish. And all the humor and fun of the first game is still there, even better with the addition of new characters.

Pros: black comedy style, genuinely difficult puzzles, characters, feminism (the two main characters are female for once), creativity, replayability, can be modded to add more maps to solve and through Steam you can download maps made by other users. Its a good time.

Cons: ??? Portal is kinda short? If you like shooting things don’t play because it’s not violent.

ESRB rating: Portal–T, Portal2–E10+
Although I don’t understand why this is.

My Rating: Portal–9, Portal2–10

In summary, play both to get the most out of the series but please don’t play Portal2 first. Have some self respect. 😛

(These games are wicked cheap on Steam because Valve also created Steam but they are also not very expensive on Xbox because they are somewhat old now. IDK anything about Playstation)

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