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Character: The Hero

27 Jan

You’ll want these pages for the prompt:

From TVTropes:

Heroes — (Types of Heroes)

Hero Tropes — (Ways in which Heroes are made to Hero)

Also This Great List of Character Elements, which may or may not be the first one I looked up, but it’s amusing and also accurate. (And also slightly crass, if that’s not your speed, there are plenty of others).

Also consider:


The main character (or duo, or trio) in an animated movie will often look more “normal” than their more stylized supporting casts.



Structure Junction

22 Jan

Hey guys! I thought you might think this was cool. (Well, interesting. I don’t think being this much of a nerd on a the first Friday night of the semester will ever be “cool.”)


This is a new storyboard I just built on the wall of my room. There are no story beats up yet, just the story architecture from the three plot models/books I’m familiar with:

Orange: Save the Cat! — by Blake Snyder

Pink: Hero with a Thousand Faced — by Joseph Campbell

Green: Story Physics — by Larry Brooks

While each of these books was surely influenced by others that came before it, I’m still kind of amazed at how close these all look when they overlap. StC! focuses on screenplay pacing, H1k is interested in the arc of the protagonist, and Story Physics tries to quantify the major forces working on a story including things like reader empathy and experience. And, with some minor variation geared toward their respective interests, all three models are mostly in agreement.

Pretty neat, huh? (If you’re a plot model person).

Well, I’m gonna go reward my efforts with a plate of fried eggs.