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February Outing Time!

24 Feb

Hello, creative people!

It’s that time of the month again! Yes, THAT time, the time where we leave our cozy writing nooks, don our adventure caps and put on some “real” pants (because “llama pajamas aren’t acceptable outerwear, Emma.” Allegedly.) as we venture forth into the wilds of this city we call home for two thirds of the year. Coup will be meeting in Mugar 424 this Sunday, 2/28, so instead of goofing off in the Ziskind Lounge, I’ll be leading those who are interested to a secret surprise destination! Which I will disclose to you! Right now!

This coming Sunday we’ll assemble outside of 100 Bay State at 2:00 pm and walk together to the Mary Baker Eddy Library/Mapparium on Mass Ave. Admission with your student ID is $4.00.

The Mapparium is of interest to me as someone who likes to think a lot about sound when I’m writing, how silence and noise can be represented on the page in prose, poetry and graphic elements. The loose prompt for this trip will to be to think about how you use sound, how you evoke it and manipulate it and imitate it in an inherently silent medium, when you write whatever it is you write and to see if we can find any inspiration in the fascinating acoustic characteristics of the Mapparium.

The MBEL closes at 4:00 pm so this will be a nice, reasonably timed replacement for O.W.L. Make sure you bring the money for admission, something you can write with or take notes in (and possibly a little more cash because, I’m just saying, JP Licks is like, right there on our way back…)

Hope you guys can make it!



24 Feb

Do yourselves a favour, everyone, and check out this cosplayer. She is seriously amazing.

I mean, look at this thing. She made this entirely herself. Go check out her stuff. It’s awesome.


Idea Concept Premise

16 Feb

From Story Physics by Larry Brooks

Idea => Concept => Premise

Idea: the most basic starting point, the barest bones of the story

Concept: the Idea + the potential for dramatic tension

Premise: the Concept + characters

For example, Brooks’ breakdown of The DaVinci Code:


  • “A story about religious veracity based on certain myths that exist to this day, including Leonardo DaVinci’s supposed membership in a secret sect.”
  • OR “A story about the veracity of the church.”
  • OR “A story about the Holy Grail.”


“What if Christ didn’t actually perish on the cross, and the church buried the truth to ensure their authority and has been killing people who come close to finding the truth using a secret second of assassins that has survived the centuries?”


“A story about a symbolist called in to interpret clues at a murder scene, leading him to the discovery of connections that involve larger powers and put his life in jeopardy as the gets nearer and nearer t the truth and the people responsible for it, who happen to reside at the highest levels of the Catholic church itself.”


Try to break down your story pitch into these three components/levels. It can be helpful to understand the fundamental element of your project, but that will require a bit of distance from it. Hard when you’ve been basically breathing a story for a while.

Try to keep each step to a sentence or two!

(Want more? Try summarizing your entire project,–including all major plot points, subplots, reveals, etc–in 1000 words or less.)


All the tree puns

14 Feb

So a webcomic I’m reading updated a page that involved using a magical acorn against the villain, and… well, this golden conversation happened.

If anyone ever needs a tree-related pun, here’s a hefty collection of them.

(I must admit, I’m pretty proud of myself on that last one xD)


all the tree puns xD


Character Stuff

7 Feb

Check out these great pages from Chuck Wendig:

The Zero-Fuckery Quick-Create Guide to Kick-Ass Characters 

25 Things A Great Character Needs

And for your convenience, I’ve put them all into a nice little character chart.