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Poetic Forms

15 Apr



Haiku — Sokka’s Haiku Battle


Sestina — Sestina Poem by Elizabeth Bishop

Or try picking a specific poem you like and writing a new poem in that form

Poetic Devices

8 Apr

There are of course hundreds on poetic devices, but we’re going to be talking about some of the major once that crop up everywhere, and you probably already use in your own poems and speech.






Conveniently, the order we’ll be using is also alphabetical.

If you want to get some more practice and don’t have the Hat, check out this blog for awesome prompts.

Got any other poetic devices or prompt sources you want to share? Throw ’em in the comments or make your own post!

First-and-a-Half Short Fiction Contest

7 Apr

Is all-new and updated, so check it out!

(It’s in the tab up top)

Nickelodeon Script First

1 Apr

Guys! Nickelodeon Animation Studio is looking for new scripts! This is just something I NEED to share!

Poetry Intro

1 Apr


This Is Just to Say William Carlos Williams