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in absentia – A Poem

13 Jan

I cut my hair shorter than

you’ve known and

cleaned the sheets we

shared and washed the skin we

had settled in as to

protect myself from any

lingering feelings I might have for

you; the ones hiding under my

bed that I couldn’t sweep into a

pile, waiting outside my

door at the end of every

night little postcards pushed under

my door and stuffed in

between pages of the

dog-eared library books.

I’ve cleared the glasses and

emptied the trash, retraced our

steps and replicated our

dance moves until the

floor leveled out again, paced where

your movements interlapped with

mine and rebuilt myself in

your absence emptying the

parts of you that have clung to

me like your hands on my

hips, the taste of

you still traced on my


holding my hands as to

fill the space from yours and

breaking the bones we

shared to build

my own.