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Untitled – A Poem

23 Nov

I wear heels to remind myself that

damaged does not mean broken and

wash my hands at the sink with

the tears collected from the night before to

fill the spaces left in between my hands with

tea bags filled with leaves that

delve into our kindred spirits

burning into the atmosphere that’s

composed of forgotten words and

unended conversations that

were waiting on subway platforms and

in between train tracks for

the last minute to tick to zero until

boys met girls in the bathroom with

ancient lips and dormant hands hoping to

set fire to the air that

surrounds backpacks filled with

highlighted Vonnegut and Bukowski;

chants of nations of millions whose

faces are pressed toward the sky filled with

the dreams of ancestors and the

car horns that were silenced the day when

they took us from our homes and dragged us into

the galaxies with mountains on our backs and

feet drowning in the river when

we begged for our voices to shake and

for those who heard to tremble at

our knotted teeth and sunset eyes that

brought even the deadliest of killers to their

knees shaking with the songs of those

who no longer can speak those

who compose the oceans into a crescendo that

returns back to the coda when the conductor

stops the trains on its tracks to

pick up the forgotten conversations at

the end of the day with last night’s tears and

the sweeping of the syllables into

piles on the floor that repeat

the words

damaged does not mean


The five things Joss Whedon says your story needs

22 Nov

All hail the king.

Read up. Soak it in. Go rewrite.,manual