TV Shows Recommended by You


Avatar the Last Airbender
by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
Animation, Children’s, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Whole Series (3 seasons, 63 episodes)
recommended by: Literally Everyone
If you haven’t seen it, do it now. The characters, the world-building, the animation, the emotional arcs, the pacing, the villains. Avatar is a regular Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way). A master class in every element of storytelling. (Stay away from the movie thought: it’s shit).


created by Steve Franks
Comedy, Crime Show, Goofy
TV Show (8 Seasons)
recommended by NerdyWordyOverlord
Trained to be hyper observant by his police officer father in the hopes that he would follow in his footsteps, immature slacker Shawn Spencer solves crimes a different way . . . by fooling the Santa Barbara Police Department into thinking he’s psychic.

Psych has so many elements that could be done poorly, but are each handled with care and creativity and combine to make the show something special. An immature snarky man-child as a main character, his tense relationship with his father, his relationship with is best friend that never really grew out of the playground pals phase, a slow burn romance, a murder procedural, and over the top quirks in every characters. Any one of these could have fallen flat, seemed over the top, or overused, and yet they all work perfectly. Psych is a great example of how to create a uniquely quirky world, and shows what can happen when characters are always the heart and soul a show.

Plus, you get to play along by trying to spot the pineapple hidden in every episode.

Oh, and it’s hilarious.



Pushing Daisies
created by Bryan Fuller
Fantasy, Crime Procedural, Romance
Whole Series (22 episodes)
recommended by NerdyWordyOverlord
This quirky crime comedy about an awkward pie maker who brings his childhood sweetheart back to life is fun and delightfully original. The dialogue, set design, stories, and characters are all larger than life in the best possible way, creating a unique little pocket universe that’s distinctly it’s own. It was cancelled ahead of it’s time, and definitely worth a watch.



Steven Universe
by Rebecca Sugar
Animation, Children’s, Fantasy
TV, ten minute episodes
recommended by NerdyWordyOverlord
It’s basically a master class in slow-build mythology, a new sub-medium of ten-minute episodes, and is breaking many boundaries regarding gender and sexuality on television through, of all things, a children’s show. The characters are great, and ever storyline is sweet and heart-felt a bit a la Parks and Rec, and just leaves you feeling good. And also, it’s awesome.


Voltron: Legendary Defender
by Dreamworks, Studio Mir
recommended by Antelope
So Voltron Legendary Defender is a reboot of the 80s Voltron franchise which, admittedly, I have never watched. However, I don’t think you really need any prior knowledge of Voltron to enjoy this Netflix series; the story is really amazing, the characters are some of the most lovable I’ve seen in ages, and the animation is absolutely fantastic. Also, it was made by a big part of the team that worked on ATLA and has a very similar brand of humor, so if you’re an Avatar fan, an animation enthusiast, or all about a group of nerds flying enormous lion mechs and helping out cool aliens, I’d definitely recommend it!

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