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26 Jun

So I was greeted with this Google logo today:

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.07.17 AM

And I was like, is it national cake day? (Because what a great reason to eat a cake).

And Google was like, “Happy Birthday!”

And I was all like, nice try bro, my B-day’s in September.

Then I noticed I was on the CWC gmail account, because we/I set BU Creative Writing Club’s birthday to June 26 1997


Because the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in Britain on that day.


This has been a PSA reminding you that today is one of the many days of there year when it is extra appropriate to celebrate the existence of Harry Potter.

You have my blessing to celebrate with cauldron cakes.


And the Winner is . . . Poem Category

24 Jun

Congrats to Jane, who won the First-and-a-Half Annual Short Fiction Contest Poetry category with her sestina “blue daisies”

Check it out:

blue daisies

july passed as humid months do,

stagnant with clammy air and throats

parched in moisture-ridden breeze.

we spent our days drawing blue

daisies in the air with our tongues, wandering

fingers over grass until the blades swallow

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And the Winner is . . . Short Story Category

24 Jun

Congrats to Taylor, who won the First-and-a-Half Annual Short Fiction Contest Short Story category with her story “Twelve Hours”

Check it out:

It was noon.

It was so hot. The heat was unbearable and made the blood-stained earth burn through Theodore’s uniform. The sweat dripped off his forehead to the thinned grass and flooded his eyes. His throat was dry.

Blood dripped from the wound in his stomach.

The wound wasn’t fatal. Captain Theodore Sydney knew that much. But the stretcher bearer had to get to him quick, or he would bleed out.

The stretcher bearer would not come.

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Write It Wednesday # 5 “Literal Life Hack”

17 Jun

Pitch for a story in which someone discovers how to code for something that shouldn’t be code-able — life, love, happiness, memories, etc.

What happens when someone decides to hack a human being?

Bonus: Dig a little deeper into the character who’s doing this. Design your own personal Victor Frankenstein.

Write About It Wednesday #4 — All About That Space

10 Jun


Take an existing character, yours or someone else’s, and create and describe their perfect space. Maybe it’s the reading corner in their little apartment, maybe it’s their car, maybe it’s the coffee shop down the street, or a “scenic view” parking lot on a barely traveled mountain road. Time to do some interior (or exterior) designing!

Or, flip it around! Begin with a space and create a character who would be at home there.

51 TV Writers Share A Favorite Thing They’ve Written

10 Jun

It’s a pretty neat article, check it out on Buzzfeed!

Write-It Wednesday #3

4 Jun

“Answering Machine”

Write a short dialogue in which character A says what they’ve always wanted to say to character B . . . except character B doesn’t hear them. It’s the answering machine; they’ve already slammed the door, they’re talking to the mirror, its noisy; their earbuds were in . . etc.

Old characters, new characters, borrowed character, blue characters. You know, whatever.