Hey there! Welcome to the Bookshelf!

Can’t remember the name of the book someone mentioned in club? Looking for a new show to watch? Then check out the Bookshelf, our new place for collecting all the media we talk about and want to emulate.

This is how it’s going to work.

The Bookshelf is broken down into sub-pages:

  • Bookshelf — for books
  • Watchlist — for TV
  • Now Playing — for movies
  • Game Stash — for video games
  • Comic Collection — for comic books
  • Curio Cabinet — for miscellaneous
  • Recommended Resources — for writing about writing

How to add a recommendation:

  • Go to “Submit,” it’s the final tab on the Bookshelf, and fill out the form. It’ll ask you for:
    • Name of Work
    • Author/Creator
    • Genre(s)
    • Medium: are you recommending an episode, a season, a whole show, the first book in a series, a stand-alone film, etc.
    • A quick note about why you think it’s recommendable.
    • (And, if you want) Name or WordPress pen name of the recommender.
    • And a dropdown menu asking what area of the shelf your rec should be placed on
  • A Blog Admin will transfer your recommendation into the page text.

A few rules guidelines:

  • What you recommend here should have some sort of educational value for whoever might take your suggestion.
  • Most things do, but first consider why you like something. You might be surprised.
    • For example:
      • Steven Universe . . . because it’s awesome.
      • Steven Universe . . . because it’s a master class in slow-build mythology, a new sub-medium of ten-minute episodes, and is breaking many boundaries regarding gender and sexuality on television through, of all things, a children’s show. The characters are great, and ever storyline is sweet and heart-felt a bit a la Parks and Rec, and just leaves you feeling good. And also, it’s awesome.
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