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26 Mar

So this is me, Wallac. A friend of mine suggested I blog about my interest in gaming so here goes. I’ve been a gamer since I was 10 (?) years old. My first ever game was Pokemon Blue. I still remember playing that game through till the very end. I was thrilled with the gym battles and the puzzles in each area. I was engulfed in pokemon games until gen 3. After that for a while, i didn’t have any videogames. Until recently, i discovered emulation and have been playing new games through that. I am now 25 and I still love videogames to death. On this blog, I will attempt to cover games that I am playing currently.

Thank you for your interest.


20 Sep

Hey Y’all,

This is my first post on the blog. This is a new story I’ve been writing. I hope you all enjoy it.

Keep in mind this is in progress. Some of the stuff here is thanks to the stories from a hat thing we did last week. Also I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday as I won’t be in club as it is Yom Kippur.

Who am I?

I’m your worst nightmare.


In the dimension of Bjorknow, when humans die, their souls get sent to HVN (Hay Van Ne). They are then mixed with undreds of other souls and then randomly sent to new bodies to be reincarnated. However, one soul, Lorgebor is preparing to escape through the use of his brains

Hav Van Nee Prison

The souls are being marched in line towards reincarnation.

Guard: All right, you souls, follow me towards the reincarnation chamber. No one cut!
Lorgebor (to one of the guards): Hey buddy can I aks you something?

Guard: Huh, what you want?

(He heads over in Lorgebor’s direction)

Lorgebor knocks him out with a swift punch and cuts the line. He heads toward the door

Lorgebor: Hee hee hee no more second-rate bodies for me. Only the best bodies for me!

Havenite Guards: Stop!

As Lorgebor heads toward the door, a hand grabs him from behind.

The Arbiter: Did you really think you could get away with cutting the line so easily, soul? Take him to the imprisonment chamber. He will not be allowed to reincarnate for several more decades.

The gurads drag him off to the prisons.

He sits there for several hrs. Finally, there is a knock at his door.
The guards open up his door and drag him by the shoulders.

“Come on, fool. The Arbiter wants to see you.”

“What for?”
They throw him to the ground facefirst.

“It’s none of your business! Any more stupid questions?”

They drag him to the arbiter’s door

“Have you brought he prisoner?
“Here he is.”
“Ah so you’re the one who tried to cut the line and get a body ahead of everyone else. On top of that you knocked out a guard.”

“Why am I here? I thought I was in prison.”
“Oh you still are in priosn. However, we’re giving you another shot. You see, at the same time that you ctu the line, there was a prison break and three of the most dangerous souls in the world escaped and reincarnated.

“So? Where the hell do I come into this?

“If you can recapture these souls and bring them back to us, we’ll give you a new body and you don’t do jail time.

“If you don’t…hold on! I’m out of coffee! Charles! Bring me and the guest some fresh coffee.”

*One of the guards nods and a few minutes later comes back with two cup of coffees. The Arbiter takes one of them and throws it to the ground shattering it.

“You see that? You’ll end up like that cup of coffee if you try any funny business.”

“I understand Arbiter. But aren’t you afraid your blood will drip like the coffee drips when those criminal scome back and attack you?

“Was that a threat? You’re lucky I’m in a good mood boy.”

The Arbiter spat in his hand. Lorgebor hsook it. It was what all the dirty souls did, a sort of family tradition.

Lorgebor thought back to human traditions. One particular human tradition that came to mind was ding-dong ditching where humans would ring the bells of their neighbors and run away laughing.