Write-it Wednesday #10 — Have Your Characters and Eat Them Too

3 Aug

Wow that sounds a lot creepier than it did in my head.

Today a fun, light character prompt. There’s not much of a long rambling preface to go along with this one. My mom and I just finished re-watching Psych (fantastic show, see the Watchlist). We were looking over the specials at one of our favorite breakfast places, and saw a bacon and egg sandwich made with two grilled cheeses instead of bread. Blarg. But my mom said, “Shawn and Gus would get that,” and now we’re here.

So, your assignment for today it to pick a favorite restaurant of yours–classy, quaint, cheap, expensive, national chain or mom&pop place, it’s up to you. Now select a cast of characters, yours or not. Look up the menu for your chosen restaurant, and decide what each character would order.

Of course, not all casts are going to make perfect sense in this exercise. The Star Wars cast at Wendy’s? But don’t shy away from that! This is about character, not plausibility. So suspend your disbelief and work on character. How well do you know your chosen cast? Why are they ordering what you’ve chosen for them? How well can you define their tastes and preferences? Unless strongly liking or disliking a certain food is an important character trait, you might not know exactly what foods they like, so try to bring in other known characteristics. Does you rich character have classy tastes, or a secret love of cheeseburgers? Does your muscle constantly crave meat or are they a vegetarian? And so on.

You could even use this as a game the next time you’re bored in a restaurant.

For extra special bonus points, write this up as a scene, challenging yourself to exhibit as much characterization as possible through food choices and mannerisms, as well as dialogue.


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