Write-it Wednesday #8 — Your Outer Critic

21 Jul

We all have an inner critic, that little voice that whispers advice both of the observant and helpful and soul-crushingly negative varieties.

That . . . isn’t really relevant here.

Instead we’re going to focus on our outer critic. Who is this outer critic? That’s totally up to you.

I don’t know about you, but I am very fond of internet movie critics and movie shows. CinemaSins, Honest Trailers, HISHE, Nostalgia Critic, and so on. You probably have some favorites too.

For this exercise, write a review of the current project you’re working on in the voice of your favorite internet critic. Alternatively, review a favorite (or least favorite) piece of media, but preferably one that critic hasn’t already addressed. Which critic you choose will determine how detailed your analysis is, and what elements it looks at.

The goal here is to think about some of the common flaws and praises that critic points out and see how they apply to your story. This is meant to be an interesting and potentially helpful thought exercise, not to tear you down or quantify your project as “good” or “bad.” It’s also a character voice exercise as you try to adopt the style and speech pattern of your choses critic.

My favorite critic at the moment is MovieBob, especially from his Escape to the Movies series from a few years ago. His reviews are short, and point out flaws in good movies, and good parts of otherwise bad movies, with I think is a helpful perspective. I actually feel like I’ve learned a lot about storytelling from watching his review, especially about theme and how theme plays out in genre movies as well as in *snobby fake British voice*  film.

Anyway, I know this is a little unconventional as prompts go, and some of you might not be at a stage in your work that needs or wants criticism like this, but maybe this will help you identify your own preferences as far as genre, tone, theme, tropes etc, go. Hopefully it will also be fun.



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