Write-it Wednesday #6 — Ready, Set, Swap

6 Jul

First of all, I want to apologize.

Many of the prompts I post here  are “large” and/or conceptual. Things like “Create a world in which . . .” or “Analyze this very specific element of your existing project to find . . .”

That’s how my brain happens to work. It’s easier for me to brainstorm, say, alternative paths that Ilvermorny could have taken rather than sit down and write a self-contained 1-5k story.

How fun? Sure, until it comes time to actually write something. All that practice gained from smaller pieces is sorely missed.

And if you hung around CWC for this long, your brain might work like this too. That or you were just biding your time waiting for new management. (I respect that. How do you think I got handed the club in the first place?)

Anyway, whatever type of creative writing/thinking you gravitate toward, it would behoove us all to work on “small” scenes once in a while.

Next week.

I’m sorry, but I’ve got a fun little conceptual prompt that I just feel like posting.

I had this neat little idea the other day about a National Treasure -style treasure hunt/heist but set exclusively in a tiny costal town. (Dibs, by the way, I think I might run with it).

Anyway, your prompt for the week is a setting swap. Start with a story — this can be a specific movie/book or maybe even better, a genre. Then swap the setting. For example, the much-lamented Firefly is a western set in space. So what would a Space Opera set in the Old West look like? Don’t be afraid to get specific on the source material. This Space-opera-in-the-Old-West would look very different based on Star Wars that it would on Star Trek. (And I’m not just saying that to see who sides with which.) One is a war/rebellion story, one is a story of exploration. So muse on it. Switch things up. If you’re really feeling brave, do this on your own story too.

And for the record, this would make a decent “small” prompt as well. A conversation that would normally happen at a coffee shop takes place . . . anywhere else. And so on.

This would be a great one to post in the comments!


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