I’m Board

20 Jun

Sorry! Back again, this time with a more personal post (which is totally acceptable and encouraged, by the way).

This . . .


. . .as I’m sure you can tell, is a board. I love storyboards. I first learned about the concept when I read Save the Cat! for the first time (in the sixth grade: Yikes! what a nerd). I wouldn’t start the project I’m working on now for another few years, but I’ve been enjoying the possibilities of storyboarding for–let me count– holy shit that’s like 11 years now! That’s a lot of boards.

But the reason I’m posting this board is because I think I just understood how a Board is supposed to work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve understood the concept of index cards on a cord board since I was twelve. But I’m pretty sure this board I slapped up this afternoon is the first one that worked. As in, is a complete, solid foundation. Displays the barest of bones of my proposed story. I really do think to took me this long to “get it.”

And you know what that means? This is just became Board 1/??


(Oh, by the way, I think a decent part of the reason I finally understand The Board is thanks to Story Physics by Larry Brooks. Check out the previous post/the Recommended Reading section of the Bookshelf for more info on Story Physics and Save the Cat!)



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