Write-it Wednesday #3 –Baby Got Backstory

15 Jun

Also known as Deleted Scene

Also known as Snape, Snape, Severus Snape (you know you sang it)

What happens in your stories is super important, but what happens outside them matters too. The world of your story proper can be so massive and complex that just getting that down is task enough, but as the author, it’s your job to know more than your readers maybe ever will. (Plus, then when you’re famous you can make waves by dropping little tidbits on twitter #JKRowlingIsQueen)

Some of you are really good about this . . . maybe even too good. If I remember correctly, a few of you are working on world-building exercises that have taken over your story, at least for now. And that’s great!

This prompt is for the rest of us.

Backstory and world-building make your project richer and more complex, and even if all that work barely features in your story proper, its effects will have a big impact. As always, look no further than Harry Potter.

So . . . your challenge this week is to write a scene that isn’t in your project, and isn’t supposed to be. It can be events that happened before, after, or parallel to your main plot. It can be backstory, mythology, aftermath, or a “deleted scene” that’s just not important enough to make the final cut.

Alternatively, write a deleted scene for your favorite book or movie. (Steve, Natasha, and Sam robbing Fort Meade anyone?)


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