Write-it Wednesday #2 – Bucky’s Backpack

9 Jun

So we all remember that time right before Civil War came out when Sebastian Stan tried to destroy us by telling the world that the backpack Bucky was so desperate to keep safe contains artifacts and memories that he’s pieced together in case he’s ever forced to forget them again.


Anyway, now it’s your turn!

You challenge for the week is to pick one or more characters–yours or someone else– and design them their own Bucky’s Backpack.

Try to vary the types of items– your characters Pack could include photos, articles, clothes, songs, or anything else.

Consider the container too; it doesn’t need to be an actual backpack. Bucky had to be inconspicuous and always ready to move.

Somebody like Steve Rogers might have a dramatic shadowbox filled with items from the forties. (Well, technically he has an entire exhibit at the Smithsonian). But Steve is sentimental, dramatic, and always longing for the way things were.

Natasha on the other hand tries to hide any emotional ties she might have. She’s also always on the move, but unlike Bucky, she has no interest in remembering her past, so whatever she has is probably small and no older than her transition into S.H.I.E.L.D. i.e. the arrow necklace. Her memories might even be tattoos or scars.

Anyway, you assignment is to become a sentimental hoarder on behalf of your favorite characters.  Enjoy.


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