Write-it Wednesday #1

1 Jun

Hello Nerdy Wordies!!! I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summers so far!

You thought you’d gotten rid of me, didn’t you?

Welcome back for another summer of Write-it Wednesdays! where I post a new prompt each Wednesday of the summer, in lieu/honor of regular CWC meetings. It’s also the day where, each and every week, I decide this little series needs a better name, realize very few words rhyme or alliterate with Wednesday, give up, and decide that’s next week’s problem. (Suggestions accepted, though I asked last year, and still haven’t heard back). Actually, I thought this little endeavor was as dead and unloved as the Blog in general, but I had some requests to continue Write-it Wednesday and am more than happy to comply.

It’s June 1st! More specifically, it’s 6/1/16, which is a palindrome! (the same forward and backward)

In the spirit of the date, your first prompt is to write a short scene, story, poem, etc that starts and ends the same — in the same place, with the same image, the same line, etc.

As always, feel free to post your pieces as comments or as new posts, and feel free to comment on others’ posts. Or, if you prefer, continue to love the Blog from afar.

♥︎ your Nerdy Wordy Overlord


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