Prompt Resources 10/28

27 Oct

Here’s some goodies for our dialogue Long Prompt:

This Video

PROMPT: Watch the Big Hero Six video. The idea is to try the same kind of exercise but with dialogue. Chose a set of maybe 4-8 characters (yours or not) and have each of them:

  • A: Enter a coffee shop, greet a friend, and order a drink
  • B: Reply after being congratulated on a school/work project
  • C: Receive the wrong meal at a restaurant
  • D: Reply after being rudely told they ????


Phase 1:

  • Characters A and B are on their way to a restaurant. A is very excited to show B this place, which B has never been to.
  • They pull up and A expects B to be as excited as they are, but B is wary/unsure about the quality of the restaurant.
  • A succeeds in convincing B to give the place a try. (Plus, they remind them, Character C is meeting them there later.)
  • B is skeptical as they take their seats. A is hurt and reacts accordingly.
  • The waiter arrives with menus (if applicable to restaurant).
  • A and B peruse the menu, A pointing out favorites and B being unsure they’ll find anything they like.
  • They order, then A and B exchange awkward chit chat.
  • The tension escalates, and A confronts B about why they’re being such a putz.
  • B gets aggressive with A about how uncomfortable they are here.
  • A responds defensively

Phase 2: Challenge Mode (skip to 3 if you want)

  • Character C swings in and join them, interrupting the argument.
  • The tension between A and B smolders beneath the surface as C complains about their day.
  • The three of them are planning to attend and event in the upcoming week. They discuss their plans.
  • The waiter asks if C wants anything, they respond that they’re not staying, but proceed to stay.
  • B tries to hint to C that they would like them to leave, because B is interested in what A was about to say when C walked in.
  • A, who is beginning to chicken out of what they were about to say, subtly tries to get C to stay.
  • Aand B’s food arrives and C finally takes this as a hint to leave. They leave.

Phase 3:

  • A and B eat in awkward silence.
  • B concedes first, giving a reluctant compliment about the quality of their meal.
  • The tension break, and A explains why this restaurant is important to them.
  • They leave amiably, agreeing to meet

2 Responses to “Prompt Resources 10/28”

  1. katblanch October 28, 2015 at 11:29 am #

    are we supposed to do prompt 1 before the meeting, or during the meeting?

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