H2R2 . . . sounds like a flu

12 Sep

Or a droid.

That would be Hidden Half Round Robin. Enjoy  a smattering of the results:

Charlie the Caterpillar used to have a best friend when she was still living by the strawberry plants outside. Her name was Max the Moth and she was a the most unique creature charlie had ever seen. 

Max the Moth asked Charlie, “Charlie do you like Chipotle?” I FREAKING LOVE CHIPOTLE!

Every day I make sure to put the following in my burrito: 

Rice. Beans. Pork. Tomatoes. You know Burrito stuff. Did I mention rice? At least one spider, for protein.

 One troll’s tongue for strength, one unicorn’s horn for beauty. 

Tracking the unicorn forbid to be a difficult and tedious task–especially with her “traveling buddy.” “You know.” The dwarf said, his voice loud and grating against the country quiet. “You’re awfully slow.” 

“Well I would’ve been here sooner, but the traffic was terrible.”

She leaned against the wall and let out a long sigh. 

She looked around  to see if anyone had heard. 

No one had.

*       *        *

Tay slid off the dragon’s back and stretched her legs. She took her pack off the sad and stroked her steed’s nose.

The horse whinnied and pressed against her hand. Suddenly, a sound echoed in the distance.

His flatulence shook the bounds of time and space. It was unfortunate–for everyone else.

However, Alfalfa the Great soon arrived. Alfalfa was big on saving the day.

In fact Alfalfa had a secret weapon. Alfalfa’s infamous cowlick was actually a metal detector.

He found this to be a blessing and a curse: He often found silver coins lodged in his hair, but and errant microwave was likely to strike him on the head without warning.

He wanted to know if if it had a mind of its own.

He stared into the sunset and wondered for a long while about the fragility of life, as people of his intellect are wont to do.

He threw himself off the bridge.

The ten feet were microsecond before he hit the water. Other than the pollution, it felt pleasant.

*      *     *

Rachel Thomas stood at the front of the Creative Writing Club, when suddenly, a centaur burst through the door.

“A centaur?!” Ivy yelled, and jumped on its back, she drew her sword and prepared to conquer the kingdom.

“Stop!” When she turned to her right,she found the young princess watching her with wide, panicked eyes. “Don’t do this!”

But they laughed, holding the last slice of pizza in the mouth. “Too bad, you know the rules, you snooze you loose!”

 “You didn’t give me a chance!”

You weren’t worth trying to!”

 I stomp towards him and crushes his head between my thighs like a watermelon.

Guts spurt everywhere, between my legs. It feels as if I stepped into a swamp.

 Hopefully the swamp was like the one from Avatar. That would be way cooler than the other option.

The other option was horrible: it meant rainbows, glitter, and pink. Pink everywhere. The horror.

*       *      *

It was snowing one night in January when Alexandra felt tremors coming from beneath her house.

She quickly ran out of her home. And then she saw it…Shrek was there.

And so was Donkey. Donkey asked why Shrek was there.

Shrek said that he had lost something precious. And Donkey wondered what was more precious to Shrek than his princess.

 and decided it must be nothing at all,and he felt exceptionally annoyed.

Donkey sadly realized that he had been sad for a while as a tear fell down his face.He wiped it off with his hoof.

Snorting, he turned to his friend with a disgruntled cook.“Alright, I don’t mind getting it on me, what I do mind is the surprise.”

“Let me know before it happens,” I whisper.

He smiles, baring his fangs, before melting back into the dark forest.

“Oh shit—where U put my flashlight?”

 “You’re such an idiot, how do you lose a flashlight!”


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