Write-it Wednesday — Tale as Old as Twist

27 Aug

Once upon a time, in a small hamlet by the sea, there lived a spinner of stories. Children would flock to him each market day, gathered together at the base of the old walnut tree to hear him tell of beanstalks and wolves and ballgowns.

One day, as the adults haggled in the background and the dull light that only comes filtered through the clouds danced through the leaves of the walnut tree, a small child came up to the storyteller. She leaned in close and whispered, “Did it really happen? That story. It’s my favorite and . . .”

The storyteller raised his finger to his lips and said, “Oh it happened alright. But the truth is? It happened like this.”

Rewrite a fairytale! Make it modern. Make it different. Flip the gender roles. Make it gay. Make it sci-fi. Change the genre. Change the setting. Change the plot. Make the bad guy good. Make the bad guy win. Make a new character. Change the archetypes. Make the princess older. Make the prince poor. Make it a pear, not an apple. Make the clock never strike. Change one element; change them all.

Choose a fairytale, an old favorite or maybe on that never quite jived with you. Make it yours.


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