Write About It Wednesday! Topic #1

20 May

Welcome to Write-About-It Wednesday! (Better title hopefully to come)

To keep those creative juices flowing during the summer, every Wednesday we’ll post a prompt or topic for everyone to write about. Post what you come up with as comments or as new posts. Be brief, write a paragraph, monologue so long Mr. Incredible comes and kicks your ass, whatever floats your boat.

I though we’d start with a discussion topic that is %100 not inspired %100 from the article I just posted.

Today’s topic is: What is one of the most disappointing stories mistakes/failures/choices you’re come across? I’m thinking about when good stories do dumb things, not stories you never liked to start. (I think we actually learn the most from bad mistakes in good stories, because we’re driven to find and explanation beyond “well, it’s a bad story, what did you expect?” What’s a story choice you just didn’t jive with? Why? Try to get into some story physics*. Try to argue about what happened from one step back — part enraged fangirl, but part story physicist! What when wrong in the architecture of the narrative? Any fixes?

* Need a refresher on story physics? Read the Age of Ultron article I posted earlier, especially the part about the Hulk in Avengers, (about 1/3 of the way down). How do stories operate? This is how.


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