The Murder Mystery of Mr. Hard Boiled Egg

18 Feb

The story starts with the murder of the Ms. Bag of Milk, who is from Canada and is spilled. The hard-boiled detective egg is called on action for the mystery. More clues lead the hard-boiled detective to the notorious mafia in the fridge, Cereal Killers. The detective now reconnects with his old friend, Bronie the Cake who likes to get stoned and baked. With the help from Brownie, the Egg goes to Red Apple District and meet Lucille LaPeel, the stripper banana who can only strip once. She wears one red, high-heeled shoe and also, a fish net. Meanwhile Brownie has an love struck, the dancer in the strip club, who is a lettuce and flips her skirt skillingly. However, his love affair and also the hard boiled Egg’s meeting with Miss Lapeel got interrupted by the Cereal killers, who take out their straws and shoot rice. Now Sharan the Carrot, the hard-boiled egg’s love interest is captured. Now the hard-boiled detective egg must reconcile with the two parts within him, while working with his stoned friend, battling the Cereal Killers, and work through his complicated family complex with his brothers: the cheering Sunny Side Up, the messy Scrambled, his out of control Devil Egg, and his brother in the hospital who contracts salmonella.


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