comfort – A Poem

31 Dec

we settled for your

hand-me-down car and

we settled for the

diner because it was the

only place that kept

misfits busy at one in the

morning, but we did not

settle for each other; our

bodies aligning like an

eclipse, blocking out

everything that’s never mattered, the

electricity flowing through the

radio into our veins, closing my eyes and

compiling the lines in my head to

create your face.

we settled for the clock on your

dashboard but never

settled for the hours and

minutes to tell us to go


we didn’t settle for one kiss but

traded one for one hundred, each

existing in the flickering lights over

my town. our confessions fogged the

windows and you pulled me in to

push me away until I was the

best contradiction at two in the

morning; everything and

nothing, existing in both your

spaces and your whole, filling and

emptying all that I was to

become who I thought I’d never

be; the girl with moonlight in her

hair who got the boy with

sunrise in his

eyes and diamonds behind his


we settled for late night dates and

tips that we paid for by standing for

hours on our toes and we

settled into each other’s skin and we

settled into each other’s hearts, where

we’ll stay for a little longer.


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