The Boy Who Fell – A Poem

30 Dec

Was your flight too dissimilar from Icarus’,

As you watched your wings burn a hole through themselves?

Did you feel your wings break from beneath you,

And your body crumble as you became another tragedy?

Was your epic story at its end, or its beginning,

As your body crashed into the ground?

Did you hear your father shout

As his voice bellowed between the cliffs

asking you to come home, asking you to cease your assent

or you might fall like Icarus, he laughed.

Did your steady hands,

the ones grasped rocks and climbed further into the heavens,

betray you when they could no longer support  your reckless life?

Your toned muscles tearing from beneath you,

the golden voice that chanted war-cries in your car,

losing its velvety essence as the words escape your mouth.

Your ruggedness mixed with your sweet southern accent,

your innocence mixed with your faulted corruption;

you were a contradiction moving swiftly,

climb higher to only fall further;

falling away from your responsibilities and father’s warnings .

Did you live to climb, only to die in reverse,

Falling away from the peak,

Grasping for the tangible,

And coming up with nothing but emptiness?

When it ended did you smile,

Taking your place next to Icarus,

In the waves of the abyss?

How can we ever learn your plight,

Mere mortals with our tragic flaws,

Until we take the fall ourselves?

Until we watch everything that we were,

Burn up into another hole in the sky,

fall as Icarus did; slowly and then suddenly,

and become tragic tales for our children to repeat.


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