Happy Happy Joy Joy

25 Dec

I wanted it. So I took it, like I can with all my rights and power. I kissed him. He was adorable and kind and smart enough to get all my corny Tech jokes. He was only a few months younger but really who’s counting? Julia’s obsessively in love with Alexander Skarsgård and Benedict Cumberbatch, both a year younger than her mother; I think I’m allowed this age difference.

He had been talking to me about my presentation during our Art Class yesterday. It was a collage of sorts of giraffes—but not any kind, gay giraffes. The whole class had laughed initially, including him but he had also analyzed my work. He was continuing his analysis when I kissed him.

“I think your confidence in your sexuality is extremely attractive,” he said. He pushed his glasses up his nose and straightened the part in his hair. All I could do was grin. It was 3 months into the semester and I had met him. College was awesome.

“Really?” I asked, not bothering to hide my grin. My heart was happy, sue me. He smiled at me and nodded.

“Yeah. Confidence, in general, is attractive. And…I mean…you’re already cool and stuff,” his flustered face made me beam brighter and the confidence he obviously loved about me grew to skyscraper proportions.

“Thanks. It took me a while but yeah…I’m happier as myself than I ever was as that person I pretended to be,” I explained. I felt my phone vibrate and checked my phone. It was a text from Julia that read:

“R u w/ ur bf still? :* Yo quiero food ahora lol XP”

I chuckled and texted her back quickly, saying that I was almost at the train station where she was meeting me.

“It must be liberating,” he commented. As I stuffed my phone back into my pocket, I looked at him. He smiled shyly, his young mustache curving with his lips. I licked mine, hungry as Julia but not for food. I noticed him look down at my lips and I grinned again.

He looked away abruptly, clearing his throat. “But yeah, I loved the odd colors of your collage like the way the random blues and reds and—”

I pulled him by the strap of his messenger bag to me and pressed my lips against his. He lightly gripped my arms and I leaned further into him. He was a few inches taller so it was awkward at first. Until he began to kiss me back. And I completely forgot Julia and FAO Schwarz.

I leaned away, to see his reaction. He opened his eyes, his mouth still puckered and stared at me. Optimism kept my heart beating as he continued to hold a blank expression.


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