college – a poem

14 Dec

nights filled with

drunken stupor and

illegal hand holding with the

boy you told yourself you

couldn’t have feelings for because


you are created of

things that compose the stars and

he is the reflection of

the sun on the moon, needing

the light of another to

prosper and grow into

a human being, with

lips that you long to

kiss in between classes and

before the sun rises, a sun that

hits your face on the way to

lectures about technology while you

think about your phone and if

he ever had the thought to text you back and

classes composed of faces, each searching for something

they know they cannot have; things

that were left behind by names in a textbook who

also one day yearned to be more than a name to someone, more

than a face etched in the side of the moon, a face

with more faults than the earth but you kiss it anyway because

it is your only defense against the things that hide

in the darkness; the things you fear you have

already lost wars with but you kiss it anyway because

you cannot afford to live in fear of

things that hide in the

spaces between his fingers, the things that

are strong enough to hold the galaxies but you

settle for the stars in the eyes of those

in front of you because

a night with one dim star is better than

every night with a black sky so you

settle for the things that you can hold and

never know the things you

can’t hold things like



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