Youth – A Poem

3 Dec

It was either our childhoods we were burning

or the wooden planes we sent into the air;

there was no middle ground.

Those were the days where there was no moderation

the glass was too full or too empty

and we would never know until it spilled into our laps.

When we drenched our smiles with the tears of disappointing our fathers,

our innocence dripping into a puddle on the floor.

When we collected the sun in a glass jar,

and opened it on a rainy day underneath the thunderstruck blankets.

When smiles were sold with ice cream,

melting as the sun advanced in the sky,

pushing towards the corners.

When the darkness was illuminated by our star-stuck dreams,

when we feared monsters when they weren’t under our beds or at our doors.

We hid behind trees and wide smiles,

we hid in the pockets of the solar system,

believing only the light of the sun could find us,

when it peaked beyond the mountains of our imaginations.

We fought without reason,

cried without cuts or bruises,

cried harder with cuts and bruises,

and stayed awake as an act of defiance.


We always dreamed of something beyond castles and make-believe houses.

We dreamed of our first kiss, moving out, a life beyond our four walls.

We wished and hoped for the time to pass,

for the days to grow longer like the hairs that swept the grass when we swung upside down.

We dreamt we would grow up,

And when we closed our eyes we always did.


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