Here Are Some Cartoons About Characters in Writing!

19 Oct

Although this weekly Internet web-series tends to focus on topics within the video game industry, these three episodes are specifically addressing a few topics regarding characters within a story, and they do bring up interesting examples and ideas to the table.

Ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types? What about finding yourself unsure as to how should you have a character act? Why don’t you give this a watch, it’s only about 8 minutes long anyways.

What is a true female character? Not what is a good character that happens to be female, but a character that had to be female?

How do you write a LGBT character? There are times when it feels force, like your character falls into a stereotype too much so that they’re only with titles such as “the gay guy.” But would it even be worth making a character a LGBT if you were hiding it and minimizing that aspect of the character on the story? Extra Credits presents two decent examples as they explore sexual diversity. (Spoilers for Persona 4 if any of you are even concerned)


2 Responses to “Here Are Some Cartoons About Characters in Writing!”

  1. Rachel Thomas October 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm #

    These are all great! (Still not quite over the Inconceivable! Princess Bride reference in the first one) They are all well-done videos that talk about pretty much everything I’ve been ranting about with the Myers-Briggs thing, and everything we’re going to try to do next week with our gender/sexuality/writing the opposite gender discussion. It doesn’t matter that they’re about video games — their advice works for character development in any medium. I’m tempted to go watch more of the series. Everyone else should totally check them out. AND CHECK THE BLOG!!!! : )

    • BU Creative Writing Club October 19, 2014 at 5:10 pm #

      Can we all please appreciate the irony that I had to sign out and into another account to approve my own comment? lol

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