Round Robin Stories

5 Oct

Remember our first meeting this year where we did that Round Robin Exercise? One person was asked to write two sentences of a story, then fold the paper over so only the second sentence was visible, and pass it along for the next person to do the same.

Here are the messed up, mashed up results of Round Robin Story Madlibs:

(Feel free to laugh at everyone’s phrasing and grammar, so long as you recognize that yours — yes yours! — is just as bad 😉

Andie stared at the robot that stood across from her. The android smiled happily. Andie remained expressionless. Andie through that thought that perhaps she had made a mistake in the wiring and programing. The robot was not speaking. Suddenly a Dalek crashed through the window. “EXTERMINATE,” it bleated. The robot stared blankly. There is stood, tall, natural — he knew it was a tree. He did not realize that Johnson’s 8 foot, muscle-bound frame was right behind him, drooling. They looked up and all they saw was that one kite in the sky. It flew along the beach to the shadow of the sun. That was definitely the fattest flying man I’ve ever seen in my life. Who know that they could get so much air? No one, apparently. This had not been expected at all and they did not quite know what to do. And then the room was made of clouds. I knew what to do. I tried to sit on the clouds but it turns out you can’t do that. My childhood dream of sleeping on a cloud was ruined. I’d have to develop a back-up plan. Maybe an astronaut. Or a lawyer or a bus driver or something. Some thing that lives in the sewer with webbed feet. Some type of thing that lives in the sewer with webbed friends.

*     *     *

Little Lady Lilac walked into the Great Blue Wood. She drew her cloak around her and held her basket tight. She was very cautious of the wolves that surrounded her but was confident that her dagger and cunning was all she needed. But as her grip tightened around its sheath, the rain fell and it made the edge slippery. A girl stepped onto the edge and slipped down the slope, tumbling down like a tumbleweed . She kept falling into an infinite darkness, until she felt the soft ground. She was absolutely horrified and confused. Out of nowhere, as large hooded figure ran at her. “Hold on! You dropped your Zune!” said the hooded figure, revealing himself to be good natured. “I know you tricks! I don’t own a damn Zune!” she said, boldly accusing the figure. He sped away into the darkness, scared of being discovered. The night was her home and the stars were her comfort. But sadly night blindness ran rampant through her family’s gene pool, so she had to relinquish her vampire dream, She embraced garlic once more. Being a vampire would not get in the way of her love of Italian food.

*     *     *

What the hell were you thinking!?!?” Johnny said, flabbergasted and utterly disappointed. He stared at the brand new automobile and was left completely hypnotized by its neon green color. It was too expensive to buy with his salary. The money was always and issue with him. He was a manly man, a manly man who did manly things like lifting manly weights. His name was Allen. One day on the was to the gym Allen encountered the strangest sight he had ever seen in his many life. It was extremely tall and also on fire. No one knew what to do so they walked away. Hopefully the flaming giraffe was okay :(. The animals of the pride gathered around, whispering around the watering hole What would they do without their beloved leader, Lord Giraffe. Lord Giraffe could only eat the best M&Ms but his loyal knight Maireni was absent.

*     *     *

Once there was a pig who could fly. He developed a misogynistic complex that made him think he was better than God . In fact, he became God and went to Jerusalem and through he was a messiah. The Great Homer angered Ned Diddly Flanders. “Gosh diddly dangit!” Ned Flanders cried. Enraged, he began to stomp his feet rhythmically and his head did a full angry 360. It was his best friend Bill from first grade. hat kid was Albert Einstein, and he used the lessons he learned that day to formulate his theory of general relativity.

*     *     *

And last but not least:

Johnson burst out of the ocean of cologne in a spray of chest hair, sweat and testosterone. I was mesmerized by the way I saw him walk and couldn’t help but wonder about the future. I mean like Damn, he just walked over to the creeper and told him off. At lest that’s what I thought he was doing. He decided to turn around and go to the beach. Once we got to the beach, we spooned on the sand under the hot sun. The waves lapped gently on the shore, and beads of dew ran down the sides of the cooler. He grabbed a soda and sat down, right where the sand met the water. The waves lapped gently at his bare feet. He suddenly felt a hand on his ankle and felt a tug.


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