A Poem for You

5 Oct

Here’s a random poem I wrote for my EN202 class. This is the kind of randomness you’re encourage to share on the blog. Please don’t let me be the only one who ever does it. I don’t want to be that guy.

Also, my class already tore this apart at workshop, so feel free to do the same (i.e. comment).

Also also, Dear WordPress, you totally suck for posting poetry. Those line breaks were there for a reason. (*=line break, ____ = tab)

Advice to a Reluctant Writer

From Herself



____paint until you stroke.


____draw until you sketch.


_____write until you do.


The half-thoughts and half-rhymes,

The lives you lug,

They hurt for hesitation,

They weigh for waiting.


So write, damn it, write.

Draw, paint, sculpt, sing.

On the walk, on the train,

Fill your head, fill the margins.

The page is your workplace

But this life is your office.


All you can lose

Is this fear that you harbor,

So give up the harbor.


Charge to the breakwater.

Relish the deep.

Take up your pen




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