Taste of My Hometown: Taipei

30 Apr

My hometown tastes like tap water. Clear, clean, sanitized, yet industrialization makes you wonder: is that really drinkable? When you drink it, the metal-like texture rubbed your tongue like eating a nickel, only that the nickel is broken down into million pieces and merge with your taste buds. Yet you survive on it. When your vending machine nearby is broken down, or you simply don’t want to waste money on bottled water or leisure of high quality, you drink it. Despite its urbanized touch which makes you feel like licking a shovel, you boil it and add a tea bag or milk powder to add some flavor into what’s originally dull and unoriginal and makes it…kinda weird. That’s my city. Plain, simple, yet something weird is always going on. You feel bored inside, so you salvage the flavor of life with some Swiss Miss with marshmallow. And you’ll have stomach ache tomorrow morning. And you keep on drinking it.


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