Sunday OWL Prompt

19 Apr

OMG guys, Open Writing Lounge spells out OWL. Things just got real Harry Potter-y real fast.

(Roll your eyes at me, and continue.)


Think about your hometown. Where do you identify as your home? Think about the sounds, the scenery, etc. What makes it unique? What makes you love it? What makes you proud to say “I’m from _____”?  Think about the first things you describe about it to other people, the things out-of-towners identify, and the things that are only yours.

Now set a timer for 15ish minutes. . .

And write about what your hometown tastes like. That’s right, tastes like.

Remember what the Bos said. Try not to get in your own way. It does’t have to be perfect, it just has to be on paper (or on pixel). I think we’ll be doing some more exercises to work on that, but try writing with a “no delete” rule for a paragraph or so, and see how it goes. Or try having to be writing something at all times, even if all you can do is type “xxxxxxxxabcdefgthisisstupidwhyoneartharewedoingthis.”

Hometowns. Nom nom.


As always, if this seems like the stupidest thing in the world to you, pirate rules.


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