Some Dialogues . . . Yeah

5 Mar

So here are my dialogues!

Dialogue 1:


Scenario: A diner waitress and the travel writer sitting at her counter.



“You still have coffee?”


“That, yes. A cup. Or a mug. Whatever. One please. Black.”

“That’ll be decaf right?”

“No, no, the good stuff.”

“Sir, are you alright?”

“Hmm? Me, yes I’m . . . I’m fine. Just need a little pick me up, that’s all.”

She returns with a black-rimmed diner coffee pot and an mug. Her customer leans over the mug, letting the warm wisps of steam curl around his nose. His eyes don’t leave the rippling coffee until the gentle scratch of a plate on the counter draws his attention.

“On the house.”

“Oh, uh, thanks.”

He takes a greedy forkful, but his face pinches as the pie touches his tongue. He coughs behind a fist, wincing as he swallows the bite.

“I’ts, ghhumm . . . delicious.”

“You’re not from around here, are you?”


Dialogue 2:

Scenario: two students spray painting the school dumpster


“Bobby, I don’t know if we should be doing this. What if Principle Stiles see us? What if anyone sees us?”

“Come on Lucas, don’t be a baby.”

“There are people everywhere! The third graders are out on the playground, the kindergarten busses will be leaving soon and every teacher in the math wing can see us out the window!”

“Would the wittle baby wather be out on the monkey bars?”

“Shut up, I’m not a baby.”

“What are you then, Princess?”

“I’m cautious.”

“Well cautious never go nobody nowhere!”


“You correcting me again, Lucas?”


“Good. So hurry up and grab those cans. Make sure you shake ‘em good.”


“What’d you say?”

“I said ‘ok.’”

“’S what I thought. Now go quick. You got the design memorized right? Good kid. It’ll be easy, just shake and spray, like I seen you doin’ in art class, on the count of one, two — ”

“I can’t do this! I’m sorry Bobby, but I can’t. I can’t, ok? I thought I could but — ”

“Now listen up half-pint, I didn’t pull you out of that toilet bowl for nothin’. Deal’s a deal. If I’m gonna be your new best friend, you’re gonna do a few things for me. Starting with spray paintin’ Principle Stiles’ face on front of that dumpster. Unless you want Delilah Daley to see you getting a swirly every day for the rest of the sixth grade.”

“That’s not fair!”

“If you insist, I’m sure I can have it arranged for her to get one too.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Want to try me, Picasso Boy?”

“Actually what you’re asking for is more along the lines of a cartoon in the style of — Hey! Hey! Let me go! Put me down!”

“I’ll put you down, right into the dumpster, and you won’t come out ’til you  paint it.”

“No, please! My mom’ll kill me if I ruin this— ”

“Boys! What’s going on over there?”

“Vice Principle Walters!”

“Look what you’ve done now, Fart Brain!”

“Mr. Evens, unhand that young man at once.”


“That’ll be a detention right there. And Lucas Reed? I never expected this type of behavior from you.”


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