“Don’t ever do that”- Naked Dialogue Practice

5 Mar

“Oh, holy shit!”


“Oh, my god! Are…are you alright?”

“Yeah. What, what happened?”

“You seemed awfully hurt. You need to go see a doctor right away. There seems to be some serious bone fractures, and look at those bruises! I would suggest you go check yourself up, oh, my, there’ might even be some internal bleeding…”

“No, what are you talking about? I’m alright.”

“No, no, no, you have to go to the ER right away…”

“There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“No, you look like you just fell from heaven…”

“Wait, wh—“



“Can I have your phone number?”

“That’s your pick-up line? In a bar? You just fell from heaven angel?”

“Do…do you have a bandage? Because I think I scraped my knee falling for you–hey, wait!”


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