Dialogue Samples

5 Mar

Scenario 1: A mysterious stranger on the run in a foreign country and a local (didn’t come out very well)

“Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the nearest train station?”


“Train. TRAIN. Uh, il treno?”

“Quale treno prendi?”


“Parli italiano? Affatto?”


“Non sono spagnolo! Perche vai al paese in cui non parli la lingua? Che americano!”

“YES, yes, I’m American. Do you speak english? Enggglish? Wait, where are you going? Wait, come back! Ugh! How the hell am I supposed to do anything? Stupid fuckin’ idea, oh yeah they won’t find me in Italy.”

“Excuse me sir.”

“Oh thank goodness, someone who speaks English. Can you help me find the nearest train station?”

“It’s eight blocks down Via D’Ignazzio and then to your right.”

“Eight blocks? I barely have any time left…”

“It would be nice to say thank you. Especially considering how rude you were to my great grandmother before.”

“What? Yeah, okay, thanks.”

Scenario 2: Me and someone I know (not important but it’s my bestest friend Maireni)

“I can’t believe I stayed up till like 5 am this morning. What was I doing?”
“I wasn’t tired.”
“I woke at 3!”
“I woke at 8:30. AND WAS OKAY. Like what?”
“Ha ha, you’re not human.”
“That would explain so much. And I mean I’m starting to get a bit sleepy now but this is the kind of sleepy I’m used to being awake through. So it doesn’t make me wanna sleep.”
“There’s nothing to make me fix my sleep schedule right now honestly.”
“I just can’t wait for my break to start. K-DRAMAS ALL DAY EVERY DAY.”
“All the motivation you need.”
“I’ll also be in warmer weather with DC. Warmer being like 50 degrees but it’ll be worth it. I don’t know what it is but Stevie Wonder songs make me so happy. Like ridiculously happy and giddy and I think it’s because of the way he sings about love and the 60s feel to it. He sings about love in a way that makes you wanna fall in love; even if, like me, that’s not what you want or it’s a heartbreak song. AHHH, just Stevie Wonder. I want to listen to his music always.”
“You know, I don’t really listen to him often. I’m slacking.”
“It’s okay.”
“But I know how happy he makes you.”
“Well hey, if there’s any song you should listen to, it’s this one: Sylvia. I’ve been obsessed with it for the past month or so. Partly because it’s the name of the main female character in my book and it kinda reflects how the guy feels about her and just makes my OTP (yes, i ship my characters hard) so much cuter; and partly because it’s just so wonderful.”
“Yay! Okay, how do you feel about Lionel Richie?”
“Eh, I don’t really listen to him.”

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