My Character for Prompt #1

7 Oct

Ok, so I guess it’s not really fair to ask you guys to share you stuff if I don’t go first, so . . .

I wasn’t really happy with my character. He didn’t seem compelling to me, and although I usually find character charts helpful for this kind of quick character exercise, this time I felt like it was holding me back.  I think I would have had more luck just thinking about the character, or jumping right into writing.

Anyway, this is what I ended up with:


Wise old man:


Name: Rupert Gerard Brighton

Ethnic background: English/Western European

Age: Old – 70s

Religion/ degree of practice: Grew up Protestant, non-practicing

Home: City, small apartment, lower middle neighborhood.

Lives with? No one. Has a cleaning lady once every two weeks-ish.

Decor: Cluttered, things out of place, fallen into a bit of disrepair

Family: Three children, none close to him

Physical Appearance: Short, round-faced. Blue eyes, wispy white hair.


General health: ok, could excersize more

Favorite food: the burgers? from this one little diner, and only then

Style of dress:

Vocabulary (educated, slang etc:) Educated with hints of lower-class slang

Where would they stop for lunch: Alone in a small cafe, in a window seat. Sandwich and a tea. Same order, the staff knows him.

Size of their comfort zone: small, creature of habit, used to be large and adventurous

Closest friend: Doesn’t really have one. The cleaning lady and the cafe waitresses are always nice, but he doesn’t really have a confidante. He has lost contact with his former best friend.

They are accused of breaking a rule, how do they respond:

Person they dislike the most:

Most prized possession:

Largest secret:


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